Restoring Hope: Hope for the relationally and sexually broken

Is a Christian ministry of support for men and women wanting to understand there relational and sexual struggles

Through A Relationship With the Lord Jesus Christ 

Our Vision

Restoring Hope Ministries is a Christian ministry of support for men, women and parents wanting to understand relational and sexual struggles. Our endeavor is to help followers of Christ fully experience God’s love and to know what it means to “walk in the Spirit so they don’t gratify the desires of the sinful nature” and to walk out their Christian faith in the midst of  emotional trauma and/or unwanted sexual attraction and addiction. To provide hope for those who struggle with areas of their heart and desires that interfere in the relationship with Jesus. To provide hope and understanding about SSA in someone we love, and for the church, and the christian community.

  • Do you find yourself having increasing difficulties accepting the present condition of your life?
  • Do you find yourself wondering if this is as good as your life will ever get?
  • Do you feel lonely, isolated, rejected and feeling helpless even though everyone said your life would be better when you lived according to your sexual feelings?

If you find yourself in this present condition, there is hope!

Our Mission Statement

Based on the biblical foundation of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God, Restoring Hope Ministries proclaims the redemptive and transforming power of Jesus Christ. We equip the body of Christ to minister hope to the those wanting to understand there sexual and relational struggles. This is accomplished through support groups, passionate discipleship and leadership training for the local churches.

Restoring Hope Ministries bridges the gap for relationally confused and lonley people by providing an environment that they have not found elsewhere: safe places to discover The Alternative, discuss their questions, and receive support in their relationship with God as their Father.

Our Structure

We offer programs for those struggling with interpersonal relationships, same-sex attractions, sexual addictions, addictive behavior, pornography/internet, emotional dependency and sexual abuse.

We also offer support for those of you who have a loved one who is attracted to members of the same sex.

Our Commitment

Reaching out with the love of Jesus Christ, no condemnation, yet without compromising the Word of God.

Providing godly pastoral counsel, support and encouragement while allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work of sanctification through faith in Jesus Christ, in the life of any individual.


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